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Photo Gallery
Note that these images are VERY hires and some are over 800k to download. Consequently, these are some of the clearest images of the KIM-1 and accessories on the net! :)
CBM/MOS KIM-1 Main Board
CBM KIM-1 Component Side CBM KIM-1 Photoetch Side
MOS KIM-1 Main Board (Non CBM)
MOS KIM-1 Component Side MOS KIM-1 Photoetch Side
K-1008 Visable Memory board MANUAL
K-1008 Component Side K-1008 Photoetch Side
K-1012 PROM Expansion Board MANUAL
K-1012 Component Side K-1012 Photoetch Side
K-1016 Memory Expansion Board
K-1016 Component Side K-1016 Photoetch Side
K-1032 Expansion Board
K-1032 Component Side K-1032 Photoetch Side