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New Posting Rules

Though this site used to allow anyone to alter/post to it, we have recently had to add password protection to keep wiki-spammers from replacing pages, defacing pages and creating pages of trash. If you're a spammer you are NOT welcome. From now on a password is required to alter the content of any of these pages.

Welcome to KIM-1.COM!

This is the user-changeable area of the site. Feel free to customize to your heart's content!

User Participation

It's really simple to add to this community. YOU (the visitor) can alter and add to this site!All you have to do is hit the little "balloon" in the top right corner and you can add interesting things about yourself and about the KIM-1.

Mystery Gallery

I've added this section to see if I can get some comments/help on these KIM-1 accessory boards I have.

WiFi article Archive


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