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This is a marketplace for your macros. Please state your name, your email, and the release your macro is developed for (if you used a CVS snapshot, also state the revision number).

Use a special pagename ["macro/"] and start your macro with the line

#format python 
This way, the macro can directly be put on the page without any modification, and as easily copied from that page. See the examples below.

Macro Author Email Release Revision Sample
macro/ Richard Jones 0.8 1.101 [[AttentionPages]]
This macro lists all pages which have an attention symbol in them along with their last-modified date. Attention symbols areand
macro/ Richard Jones 0.8 1.106 Hello, World!

[goto HelloWorld]

This macro includes the formatted content of the given page, following recursive includes if encountered. Cycles are detected!
Now part of the CVS version!
macro/ Richard Jones 0.8 N/A [[MissionStatement(2)]]
Generates a "typical" company mission statement
macro/ Christian Bird 0.8 N/A [[Orphans]]
Lists the Orphan (some call them Zombies) pages (those with no ForwardLinks in MoinMoin)
macro/ Christian Bird 0.8 N/A [[LimitedSearch]]
Allows searches limited to certain portions of the wiki by specifying a "root" page and searching n links away from the root
macro/ Tim Bird 0.8 N/A [[SortBy(SortByExampleTable,1,number,1)]]
Includes the first table on the indicated page, sorted by the given column (1=first column), using the indicated sorting type (out of: number, alpha, nocase and nosort), and preserving the first row of the table (or not = 0)
macro/ Shalabh Chaturvedi shalabh at 0.8 N/A Not yet
Inserts a list events in a page where information about the events is extracted by parsing another wiki page. Filter can restrict events displayed.
macro/ Tim Bird 0.8 N/A [[FaqContents]]
Creates a table of contents for a page, with questions inserted in their various section headings. The questions should appear in the document preceded by "Q. ". This is good for putting at the top of FAQ pages.
I edited it a little, especially made it to run with the Python 2.0 Wiki FAQ page. -- jh
macro/ Christian Bird 0.8 N/A [[HTML(<font size=20>big</font>)]
Is useful for outputing a very small snippet of HTML, like for changing font attributes or other things not supported by the wiki markup language
macro/ Jeff Kunce 0.8 N/A [[ImageLink(,smile2.gif,border=0,alt="Go To Python")]] clicking the icon will take you to the Python home page
Displays a MoinMoin icon or an image from a URL. If a target is specified, clicking on the image links to a MoinMoin page or a URL. HTML IMG tag attributes (width, height, alt, etc)are supported.

Note that the samples will only work after I added the macros to the active code base.

There are also some UtilityScripts.


If you are not familiar with Python and/or the MoinMoin code base, but have a need or an idea for a macro, this is the place to ask for it. Someone might find it useful, too, and implement it.

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